Bantam Rustic Pool Table

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Olhausen introduces The Rustic Bantam™ pool table! (patent pending)  Show in the popular Matte Breckenridge on Pine finish

The Bantam is designed to appeal to today’s youth, as well as adults that enjoy playing pool, but do not have enough room at home for a standard pool table.
There are millions of children involved in organized hockey, soccer and lacrosse across this country. All of these Sports have one thing in common: there are two netted goals, one on each end of a play field. Bantam’s two pocket design is the same format, so children involved in any of the above sports are in familiar territory the moment they see this table.

Adult players find the Bantam very enjoyable because the lack of corner Pockets opens up a whole new world of play. Multi-rail bank shots become easy, and fun to make, as a whole different world opens up to these adult players. This brings them into the older world of pure Billiards, which many of today’s players have never experienced. They can also now play pool on a quality table in a room in their home that was previously too small to be used for a pool table.
The playability and overall quality of this table are maintained at a high level by utilizing pro quality components. A real slate bed, Accufast cushions by
Olhausen, standard pool table pockets, and 2 1/4” balls all contribute to this play quality.

Each Bantam pool table includes play pack which includes special wood rack, ball set, two cues, and chalk.

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