Olhausen Platinum Play Package


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Olhausen's Platinum Accessory Kit Includes:

4 ea. Two-Piece 58” Premium Inlaid Designed Cues with Olhausen Logo

1 set Grade “A” Balls Packaged In Olhausen Box

1 ea. Two-Piece 57” Bridge Stick-Black With Olhausen Logo

1 ea. Two-Piece Cue Rack - Holds 8 Cues

1 ea. 2 1/4” Wood 8’ Ball Triangle With Chrome Accents

1 ea. 2 1/4” Wood 9’ Ball Rack With Chrome Accents

1 ea. 10 1/2” Wood Horse Hair Table Brush

1 ea. 4” Wood Rail Brush

1 ea. Billiards Rule Book

1 set Leather Pill Bottle & Wooden Peas

1 ea. 7’, 8’ Or 9’ Faux Leather Fitted Table Cover - Available in Black, Brown or Grey

in Antique or Modern Style - Please Specify When Ordering (Antique style are pool tables with leather pockets on the outside of the table, Modern style are for pool tables with internal pockets within the rails of the table)

This Package Is Available In Six Finishes:

Mahogany, Cherry, Brandywine, Espresso, Black or Grey on the Cue Rack, 8 & 9 Ball Rack, Table Brush and Rail Brush - Please Specify When Ordering