Widdy Wood Dart Board

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Widdy Basswood dart boards (end grain surface a.k.a. "endwood") are beautifully hand crafted in America. Our endwood boards are two sided, have inlaid steel wires and a rotatable center to enable even wear.

Dimensions: 22" x 22" x 1.25"

Measurements to hang the board are as follows:  Height 5ft 3 in. from floor to cork. 

Distance: 7ft 3 in from board to foul line.

Widdy Dart Board, a family owned and operated company, was established in 1910 in Philadelphia PA by Charles Widmeier Sr. manufacturing wooden ladders and chairs and sharpening razor blades and other implements. While the exact date is unknown, during the early 1930's Charles Widmeier Jr. began making American style darts and dart boards. He also invented and patented the paper roll dart board with rotating center. U.S. Patent #2060405 Dated November 10, 1936.