Ballstar Pool Ball Cleaner


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The key to life is having the right tools, and the BallStar machine is definitely one of the right tools. This heavy duty system may look like a space-age crock pot, but it gets the job done when it comes to cleaning your dirty set of balls. The kit comes with everything you need for hundreds of cleaning cycles – 1 liter of liquid cleaner, an injector bottle, 2 cleaning pads, an 8-blade impeller, a nozzle pad, and some pretty useful instructions.

Bear in mind, there is an Old and a New model for this thing, they’re just a little bit different and we have the replacement parts for both. The easiest way to tell which one you have is to check and see if there’s a hole for the liquid cleaner on the front of your machine. If you have a hole, it’s the Old model, and if not, you’ve got the New one.

Please note that the bottle of ball polish included is half full.

Cleans up to 8 balls at a time.  Includes 1 liter of polish good for approximatly 500 cycles and 2 additional cleaning pads.

6 Months