Cornilleau TACTEO 50 Gray Weatherproof Table Tennis 4 -Player Racket Set


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Special Features:
Composite Racket
Special Features:
4 Racket Set

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Based on their solid experience in outdoor equipment, Cornilleau’s engineers have developed a patented Durable Fourmaterial technology. They have designed an outdoor bat that stands apart in terms of performance. A fast, high-precision bat thanks to its sponge-backed smooth rubber cover. The materials selected offer improved resistance to shocks and weather conditions. Great product durability, without compromising quality of play. 4 Racket pack includes 4 Gray TACTEO 50 Rackets, and 6 PRO balls.
  • SPEED-Its dynamic sponge ensures fast play.
  • PRECISION- Its innovative covering ensures perfect spin restitution.
  • COMFORT- The Nexeo’s elastomer handle, with its ergonomic form, ensures optimal grip.
  • DURABILITY- Designed in a strong composite material, Nexeo stands up to shocks and weather conditions

Detailed Features:

  • Spin 8.5
  • Speed 8.5
  • Control 8
  • Rubber Polymer
  • Raw Composite
  • Color Turquoise