Katana 3 Performance KATXS3 Cue Shaft - Uni-Loc Joint


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Special Features:
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The new Katana III shaft features a 120mm long, ultralight center core combined with a 10mm thin wall ferrule which reduces front-end weight significantly.  This creates low deflection characteristics resulting in increased shot accuracy.

Katana performance shafts feature a 10-Piece spliced radial construction.  The grain in a solid wood shaft creates a natual spine, which affects how the cue ball reacts to the impact.  Rotating the cue, even a quarter turn will change how the shaft performs.  By splitting the shaft into ten sections and alternating the direction of the grain, Katana removes the natural variances and provides lower deflection and constistent results.
Tip : 12.5mm Katana by Tiger 
Ferrule : 3/8" Fiber linen ferrule 
Shaft : 30" 10 piece, low-deflection shaft, pro taper 
Pin : Uni-Loc
Collar : Various
1 Year Warranty