Marty Carey's Jump Cue

Marty Carey

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Marty Carey's Jump Q is one of the most unique cues on the market! It's a specialized jump cue designed to get the most out of each and every jump shot. This thing is incredible. We've seen folks jump over balls only 1" away from the cueball with ease! It's made from lightweight carbon fiber and it features a solid wood core for added stability and an extra long G-10 fiberglass tip. The key here is the tip, which exists somewhere between a hard leather tip and a phenolic tip. It provides a strong, solid hit while keeping weight low. This whole cue only weighs 4oz! You have to see it to believe it.

Tip : 14mm G-10 fiberglass tip
Ferrule : Extended fiberglass
Shaft : 29 1/2" Carbon fiber with solid wood core for structural strength
Pin : Custom Aluminum
Forearm : Black carbon fiber
Wrap : None
Bumper : Rubber cap

Comes with an 11" jump extension