Traditional Green Scorekeeper

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One of the features to these scorekeepers is that you can play up to six individuals or teams by spinning of the wheels located on the side of the scorekeeper. This allows your points to be displayed. Another feature is the LED Light that is installed at the top to illuminate the dartboard. At the bottom of the scorekeeper is a cabinet which opens and closes. You can place your darts inside of the cabinet when closed or when opened they may be placed on the tray of the open door of the cabinet. When the cabinet door is open it may catch fallen darts before hitting the floor.

All of these scorekeepers are hand crafted (not mass produced).Poplar is the wood of choice and also hard board.

As you can see there are many colors that you can choose from. The traditional green to your favorite colors of your favorite football, baseball of any sports team.

Dart board not included - will accomodate any Widdy, Pro Dart, Dart Shark or Darto American style dartboard.