Voodoo VOD36 Voodoo Queen Pool Cue


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This Voodoo VOD36 Voodoo Queen Pool Cue feature engraved designs with leather wraps. The shaft is built from AAA grade Canadian hard rock maple with 13" pro taper, a 1" fiber linen ferrule, and a 13mm proprietary boar skin layered tip.

Tip : 13mm 7 layer 
Ferrule :1" fiber linen 
Shaft : 29" hard rock maple 10-12" pro taper 
Pin : Piloted 5/16 x 18 
Collar : Black collar
Forearm : Purple stained with snakes alternating with skull and crossbones 
Wrap : Black leather 
Butt Sleeve : Purple stained with Voodoo Queen design
Butt Plate : Stainless steel with etched Voodoo logo 
Bumper :Voodoo rubber plug BUMPVOD
1 Year Manufactuer