Jacoby JCBCF Black Carbon Fiber Shaft


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3/8 - 10 Joint
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5/16- 14 Joint
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5/16- 18 Joint
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Special Features:
5/16- 14 Joint Jacoby
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Jacoby Custom Cues, Inc. has been in billiards industry for years and they know how to produce a great pool cue. From their 64 piece Edge Hybrid shaft to the 140 piece Ultra Pro high performance shaft, Jacoby has launched their version of a carbon fiber shaft – the BlaCk Shaft. With a skinnier diameter at 12.3mm and a Kamui Original Clear soft tip, you get dead on accuracy and amazing cue ball control with a lightweight shaft allowing you to keep a fluid form and even stroke every time. Available in multiple joint options and a price so sweet you can taste it, the BlaCk Shaft from Jacoby is waiting for you. 

Tip : 12.3mm Kamui Brown Clear Soft
Ferrule : 2mm 
Shaft : 29" Black carbon fiber, 14" pro taper
Pin : Various
Collar : Black Collar 

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  • Warranty : Lifetime

5/16 x 14 Jacoby - Does not fit Schon cues

1 Year Warranty