Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.25mm Shaft V2


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Special Features:
3/8 - 10 Joint
Special Features:
3/8 - 14 Joint
Special Features:
5/16- 14 Joint
Special Features:
5/16- 18 Joint
Special Features:
Special Features:
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Made with Multi-Directional Carbon Fiber Filaments creating a homongenous spine and uniform hit. 

Polyurethane Foam Core - with varied density which is plugged with maple at both ends, giving you the warm sound and feel, without annoying clinking noise found in other carbon fiber shafts. 

Light weight Construction - Less weight creates less weight on your bridge hand which provides more cue ball control and a steady stroke. Benefitting from the ultra-strong carbon composite construction, each Carbon Fiber shaft features Meucci's light weight front-end construction. Yet, unlike other Carbon shafts which have a distracting hollow sound, Meucci's Carbon Fiber Pro is not hollow at any point in the construction. 

Pro Taper (15 inch) - Allowing for a steady bridge, the pro taper has been the choice of pool players for decades. Each Carbon Fiber Pro shaft has virtually no rise at 15 inches, allowing for a more consistent stroke, regardless oF the player’s stroke length. 

3/8 inch Ferrule - The ferrule, not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

Tip : 12.25mm Ivory Ultra Skin Soft
Ferrule : 3/8" Proprietary
Shaft : 29" Carbon Fiber Composite 15" Pro Taper
Pin : Various
Collar : Black

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1 Year Warranty